Developer: Paradise Software; Based in New Orleans, Louisiana

Estimated Release Date: February 2020

Platforms: PC, MAC, and Linux until further notice

Price: $15 USD

Availability: Pre-Order on Kickstarter

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"Warp" is a hand-drawn, open-world, twin-stick shooter with point-and-click elements. In the game you explore a doodled landscape filled with enemies, weapons, characters, and treasure.

You have no idea where you are, who you are, what you are, and it's your job to find out. Along with interesting creatures and a bustling open world, there are clues to help you figure out why you're there.


  • Amazing hand-drawn aesthetic that immerses the player into the bizarre land "Warp" takes place in.
  • Combat reminiscent of some of the best twin-stick shooters.
  • Many wild bosses and dungeons that give the player good reason to explore the world.
  • A completely open experience.
  • Fun characters to interact with and a good amount of teammates to acquire.
  • A city hub-world with many sites and activities.


Hey, it's me, PizWiz. After I released "Bowler", it was acclaimed by the people. But, the game is only 20 minutes long. People kept asking for more and I wanted to give it to them.

So, my team and I are making this game, which is based off of a game I made back in 2012 called "Wrinkle Doodles."